Flying Pigs - Vera & John


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Aug 25, 2010
Not seen this on any other site and I am not surprised this must be the most pointless casino game ever.

Too fast to even know what's happening.

Has anyone else tried this and actually think it's good?


I'm not a penguin
Dec 28, 2010

I haven't played it yet, but Flying Pig and another one called Bugs Party are apparently an innovative new line of video bingo games from Play'n GO.

Press release and video below :)

September 20, 2016 – Leading table game and slots specialist Play’n GO has introduced an all-new category of online casino game with the launch of two video bingo titles.

The premium games, Flying Pigs and Bugs Party, were developed in partnership with Latin American land-based video bingo experts Zest Gaming, and are the first online titles available outside the region to combine a slot mechanic with a video bingo display.

Flying Pigs transports players to a rural countryside setting where the farm comes alive. Up to four bingo cards hold 15 randomly generated numbers during each game. Half of the 60 balls are drawn randomly, with players that are one number away from winning able to make hay by triggering an extra ball.

Bonus games are available to players who match a pattern shown inside the fenced-in area on screen, with players able to move the friendly pigs inside their pen to reveal further prizes. Revealing the evil boar will signal the end of the bonus game.

Bugs Party has a similar mechanic to its twin game Flying Pigs, but with a hungry frog and an angry pest control officer out to stop players from guiding their troupe of crazy bugs to winning combinations.

Jars of delicious jam attract bugs to big wins in the lucrative bonus round, with players able to multiply their winnings by a factor of eight by triggering an extra ball.

Both Flying Pigs and Bugs Party were developed in partnership with Latin American land-based video bingo experts Zest Gaming and come complete with high-definition animation and smooth performance across phone, tablet and desktop versions.

Johan Tornqvist, CEO of Play’n GO, said: “Flying Pigs and Bugs Party are games the likes of which many in the industry won’t have seen before. It’s thrilling to be able to introduce an all new category of online casino game. Video bingo has proved exceptionally popular as a land-based game in Latin America and we’re confident that our innovation will be a big hit in the rest of the world.
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