Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with firepay. They have closed my account, charging that a deposit was returned non sufficient funds from my bank. My records do not indicate this deposit and yet they keep trying to charge my bank account, and I am getting nsf charges on my account as I will not put extra money in that bank account, just so they may take it. As I understand the law, one cannot claim a debt unless one can prove it, and to further complicate the situation, withhold evidence via the statement firepay could provide, by closing the account and eliminating the issuance of a statement. I am thinking of just closing the bank account, I hate having someone tap my account just because they can and not have to prove to me I owe it to them. Any suggestions?



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Jun 30, 1998
Have you been in contact with anyone besides the support personnel at Firepay? You should request to speak with a supervisor over the phone. You should also bring this to the attention of your bank. Explain it to them and perhaps they might have better luck getting through to Firepay.


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Jun 8, 2003
My experiences with Firepay are that they are not thieves, and that they keep very good records. I have in fact mistakenly had a NSF transaction with them, and was able to quickly solve this problem. The problem was poor mathematics on my end rather than their fault. In fact, after the issue was resolved, the casino involved sent me threatening e-mails saying that if I did not deposit the money into the casino account, that they would have to take more drastic steps. I informed them that Firepay had indeed collected the money, and that all was settled. They refused to believe me and kept after me until I notified Firepay about it. In my defense they sent me all of the documentation that proved that I indeed paid Firepay...and that Firepay had paid them. It was all there in the records. And you would not believe what casino this is even if I told you. They are usually ranked most honest casino at They claimed that the company that handles their finances never notified them that I had paid. Pretty lame excuse if you ask me because I told them I paid it ubtil I was blue in the face. Anyway...Firepay keeps good records, and I don,t think they would take what isn,t rightfully theirs. Now Paypal is another least that,s what I have heard. Tim


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Feb 8, 2003
I've been receiving a lot of e-mails to join Vegas Magic Casino. Bryan, do you know anything about this site. I don't know who provides their software and Real Time Gaming is the the one that checks the fairness but I know you have posted RTG as less than honest. Thanks-Ray Gin


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Feb 22, 2001
These guys are relatively new and I believe they are owned by a Brit outfit called Cybergaming out of Dorking, England.

RTG-powered casinos do not generally (there are exceptions) have a great reputation, so approach this very carefully if you are going to take a risk. Test them with small bets and cashouts initially and see how fast and honest they are.


Aug 3, 2002
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So I'm not the only one who has ever had issues with Firepay, good luck. Even after 6 months a casino group found a 1-800 # (cause they are in canada, an expensive phone call to sit on hold) I still got put on hold, no answers, no supervisors, I got replies to emails that seemed form like stating "Your account is in good standing thank you for using firepay" but nothing that corrected a situation where they took $$ out of my money market but never paid. They took out around $1500 but never paid out about 1/4 of it it seems. After Paradise came to me with issues and i got no response from firepay other then that form letter i gave up on them.

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