Firepay is still at it! Refc: my posting of 5/30/02 on FIREPAY


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Feb 26, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
[color=0077aa]"They more things change, the more they remain the same", so they say. And like some over played episode of the Twighlight Zone, here I am again. Read this posting then scroll to my posting of this past May 30th re Firepay. I truly cannot believe the gonads on this group. They're not only made of steel but they're housed in an asbestos jock or something. This past Friday night, looking for some new 'action' I downloaded and deposited to Five Roses. But prior to depositing I had some recollection of having downloaded and played a new account with them a year ago when I was out of town on business and operating off a laptop. Back then I had no issue as they showcased my typical gambling prowess: win a little, lose a little more, back and forth and sign off broke. So knowing the standard set of rules against having more than one account, I emailed the casino first, gave them all of my personal info and said that I couldn't find my user name or password although if they could provide the user name I expect I could recollect the p/w. Then I waited, having already told them that if they had an expiration date on inactive accounts I would open a new one. I hadn't played there for nearly a year and then, only that one instance. No answer was received so I opened a new account. I deposited without issue, played for about 8 - 10 minutes and then, in the middle of a video poker hand, the software appeared to lock up and I could no longer access the casino. I emailed and was told that my account had been locked and I would need to wait until Monday to find out why. So now they have the majority of my gambling money locked away over the precious weekend period during which I usually play. Great PR, that. Subsequently I was told that Firepay had an issue with my account with Five Roses (where is the connection there?) and I would need to resolve that problem before they would unlock my account. I didn't deposit with Firepay nor have I used them since they blackballed my activity last May. Why would I anticipate any response from them now? I always hesitate to give issues like this to you, Bryan, because my balance there is only about $25. But the principal of these situations and the precedence they set is clearly unacceptable. Anyone else with similar issues? People, don't chance doing business with Firepay. I had an initial positive relationship with them too. But who is going to advise a gambler to make a stink over $25? And my guess is that's precisely what they're counting on: my $25, your $25, and on down the line. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm being screwed you would think I'd just wash my hands of the whole industry. Guess I'm not as bright as I'd like to think. Bryan, if you see this, please advise. Otherwise I may send it on to you later. I haven't decided whether or not to subject myself to more of this aggravation. Good luck all. Lori[/color]}

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