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Hello Casinomeister... Got a question... If you win at a casino, do they wait to pay you or credit back your firepay account once your checks have cleared firepay?


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Hi born2play!

I'm not sure if I understand your question fully, but I'm guessing that you've made a purchase at a casino while waiting for checks to clear at Firepay? For one thing, I don't see how this is possible, but then anything is I guess :D
Read their T&Cs and they should tell you if any winnings over the amount deposited will be paid by check or deposited into Firepay/Neteller, etc.

You could always ask the casino as well...


Dormant account
Casinomeister..... Thanks for your reply... no, I guess I didn't make myself clear so I will try again. I won some money at a casino. They paid me the majority of it, but sent back the original charges to Firepay, (approx. $4,000) All my transactions with firepay (checks I wrote) cleared my bank account except for two, totaling $500.00 ($250.00 each). When I logged into my firepay account I saw the the winnings were there $4000., however, when I logged into my firepay account later, Firepay had disabled my account. I'm thinking it's because of the two checks that were returned. However, their policy states they will run it through my bank again for payment, and they haven't done this yet. Their customer support is the worst, and while their making interest on my $4,000. they haven't even emailed me about this. Should I give it a few more days?