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Feb 22, 2001

You've heard of fantasy you can play Fantasy Poker

Football fans, baseball fans and basketball fans all enjoy taking their interest in sports to a new level by competing in fantasy sports leagues. Fantasy players draft their dream team of professionals to represent them when they play against other fantasy owners. The better the 'professionals' play, the more points the fantasy team owner amasses.

Now poker fans can compete in the same way. Full Tilt Poker is hosting the 2007 Fantasy Poker League for its players. In order to compete in the league, players must have an account at Full Tilt, but there are no fees to play fantasy poker, and the winners receive real prizes.

Playing is simple. Participants each select a team of fifteen professional poker players to represent them. These fifteen players are broken into five players on the "A" level, five on the "B" level, and five on the "C" level.

For every dollar in tournament winnings that a player on the "C" level amasses, the fantasy poker player receives one point. For every dollar that a "B" level player wins, the fantasy player receives two points. Each dollar of winnings an "A" level player earns results in three points for the fantasy player.

Obviously fantasy poker players want to have the highest earning players on their "A" team. The pros will play in a total of 52 events, and fantasy players can change their team line-up for every single event.

Or, they may chose to select one team of pros and keep their team the same for every event. More information about the pros available for selection can be found at the Team Full Tilt page of player biographies.

Prizes are awarded for participants who acquire the most points in a single tournament, and also to overall leaders. Prize packages include Full Tilt basketball jerseys, and baseball caps along with entries into freeroll tournaments. The winner of the main event freeroll will win a free tournament entry to a land-based event in 2008, worth over $10 000.


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Jun 15, 2007
I don't understand fantasy sports in general but this seems really dull and boring.

It similar to a football draft.

Pick a team of players within a set budget & follow them throughout the season. You get a tally of points based on these players performances. Bigger tournaments usually carry more points. It gives you an interest in an event you may not otherwise have had.

Ive done plenty of fantasy football teams. Its a good buzz when your team does well. Im not so sure about a poker league though but im not knocking it

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