FAIR POKER what the problem ....???????


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Aug 5, 2003
> hello
> i'm waiting a cashin since 5 days now and it's always in pending section
> !!!!they want my id card and a utility bill....... ok but i send them 5
> times my papers and each time i contact the live chat they said " we 're
> nothing from you, can you resend your docs ? "
> i send them since 2 days now my docs at support@fairpoker.com and at
> withdrawals@fairpoker.com and always this reply "we're nothing from you "
> i send them more than 6 emails and they received any of them ....
> during their 50$ promo last week there's no problem to contact them at
> this adress and now it's impossible .....
> what's the problem FAIR POKER ???????????????? :lolup:
Is this the playtech based poker room? If so then the problem is probably their mail server configuration. Previously, they had their mail server setup to filter out any emails with attachments that came from free internet services like hotmail and yahoo. So if you tried to send you documents (as I'd done before) from one of these free service addresses (like I did from yahoo), it never got thru and you never got an indication that it didn't. The resolution is to send it from a different address like your ISP or work address. Or you can open a free account at www.myway.com and send it from there. It looks & feels like yahoo, but doesn't get filtered by their servers.
i send them my email by myway.com and received an automatic reply ,it's better but always no news from them and my cashin is always in the pending section :cool: ,it's so loooonnnnnggggggg ....wait and see ...... :(
i just received an email from them saying they got my id papers ,it's cool :thumbsup:
thank you very much JPM :notworthy
loul said:
i just received an email from them saying they got my id papers ,it's cool :thumbsup:
thank you very much JPM :notworthy

Great, glad to hear it loul! You shouldn't have a problem now, but it will probably be mid next week before you get your cashin processed. That's the typical playtech timeframe. Have a good one, and good luck at the tables! :thumbsup:

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