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Nov 18, 2004
A Country Called Full Of Geld
Inetbet is just "incredible".

The manager ( casino ) has been keeping giving me "free money" from 125 USD to 300 USD from time to time in the name of "manager bonus" and you just will be "shocked" (lol) when you receive such a promotional e-mail. Anyway thank you Inetbet and have never seen such extravagant courtesy by online casino. Please do nice things to other players so that your casino will flourish. And meister, sorry for setting a thread with particular issue but, let me do this so that people will see how wonderful the casino is. :thumbsup:
I got one too... $5 to be exact.

I'm undecided between half a packet of cigarettes or a bus nearly into town.

I'd spend more there, but the slots are far too weird.
Just recieved my second one from Emily. This one was for $10 last one $20. I am trying to strike it rich on Cleopatras Gold right now.
I got $16, played it up to $50 on BJ. That is what it takes at most usually to get to the feature of the diamond slot. I played the 5c game max bet and won $250. :D

Haven't decided yet what to do next - probably BJ until I start losing and then some VP. :)
Same here... i always got some Manager bonus from iNetBet, and Emily gave me nice birthday bonus.
Nowdays iNetBet is definitely my favorite casino. :thumbsup:
With or without bonus :)
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I still get too ;)
Thanks iNetBet!

..And i just turn my small deposit to nice win :)

But i need to say something about iNetBet support.
Their support is just Great! :thumbsup:
Whatever i ask, comment, etc... i always get reply in minutes!
No need to wait days... like somewhere.

and btw...Happy 6th Birthday iNetBet!
I didnt like inbet at all. The blackjack/pontoon didn't seem random at all. I deposited $500 and lost to every suckout you could imagine. Every 4,5,6 turned into a push on pontoon, which is a loss, or a 21 on blackjack. However the slots treated me well and i did win a few hundred on those. I then of course went back to BJ/pontoon and lost it all in very short time with same type of miracle cards for the dealer. Maybe just sour grapes but i expect just the opposite, i should be able to win/stay even on BJ for a while and lose more quickly/steadily playing higher HA slots. I'm not saying it's fixed but i don't think i will be back. I prefer MG casinos over RTG but i do like the new slots/and pontoon. A lot of the RTG's seem streaky like this. I deposited $1000 into Grand Aces and got it up to $5300 before getting greedy and losing it all. It was fun and i did get to play for quite some time. But the streak for and against seem out of the ordinary.

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