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Jul 12, 2006
Hi guy what do you guys think of everest poker i wonna register with them but havent heard much about them??? are they any good!!!
I have been playing there for about 3 months. Well setup poker format. I was not aware they are no longer accepting US players. There cashout system is a bit weird. They pay on a a certain amount for the day of the cashout, so your withdrawl is not the entire amount. I still have a few bucks coming to me, yet I have procrasinated in writing them.:) A much better site than CD Poker.
they do not accept new U.S. players effective 2 days ago

Does that mean that if I already have an account I'm ok (I do)? I've been getting mixed messages about this: their CS told me they were happy to have my account (not really a direct answer), but I've seen Everest post on boards that they're not accepting US players.

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