epassporte locked SBN funds account


Dormant account
Apr 4, 2002
As of Friday February 23rd Epassporte closed our account.
Since Epassporte took this action we have been locked out of our Merchant Account which means SBN cannot access funds which they are holding.
Epassporte have been telling our players that deposits made through them on February 23rd have been accepted by SBN and that we have their money, this we cannot verify because we are locked out of our account. Epassporte are also telling players that we still have an account with them, this is incorrect, our account was closed by Epassporte because we offer online bingo games, and their policy changed to where they will no longer accept online bingo merchants.
We are in contact with Epassporte as to why our account has been locked, as soon as we are given access to our account we will be able to verify if any funds have flowed into our account after midday of Friday 23rd. If there those monies will be credited to the appropriate player account.
We are deeply sorry that this has happened; the situation was not of our making and is totally out of our hands. SBN will keep you updated as this situation develops.
Best Regards James CEO


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