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Nov 23, 2003
Has anyone heard of, or played at East Side Casino?

I cashed-out money from East Side Casino. I'm concerned because I'm not getting any response from emails or phone messages.

Please respond if you have any info or experience with this site.

Thank you, Carol
East Side Casino eastsidecasino.com

Also, since I posted this, I've heard that MGM powered casinos are "known to be rigged".

Do you know anything about this?

Thank you for your help!

Dear Carol,

Unfortunately, this one slipped by me. This was posted several weeks ago at
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concerning MGM software:

[color=0000ff]If you'd like some stats, here are a few:

Of 845 hands played (which includes 154 I personally played in the play-money mode; the rest were for 'real'money), the following hands were recorded:

101 Jacks or Better (186 is the "expectation")
8 Straights (16 expected)
62 Trips (112 expected)

An analysis of the pay schedule indicates a 148.25% pay back (it cannot be analyzed on Winpoker, but VP Tutor can do it). My friend bet over $500 total and lost $37. Even if you take out the 'rare' hands like the Royal, SF, 5K, etc., the return should still be 120% for a fair game. Thus, expectation would be to win $100 or so, yet s/he lost $37. Sure, could've been just a bad day at the races, but in those 845 hands, there were no full houses and expectation is about 12.

Based upon this evidence, I think people should at least be warned.[/color]

I need to update my warnings section. Sorry.

EASTSIDE CASINO - Amendment to previous post

Please disregard my post re: no communication with Eastside Casino, they HAVE been in contact with me, AND I have received some of the money I'd cashed out. They have told me that they process payments on Mon and Wed, so I should receive pymt through Paypal next week.

Please accept my apology for and misconceptions I may have promoted.


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