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Aug 25, 2004
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Hey - that got your attention fast then! ;)

I had a great idea today, and was just about to submit my new post (below), when I thought "I'd better just check the poker section", and found JPM beat me to it!

Totally excellent idea - I wish I'd thought of it 9-days ago! :D

I'm posting this here anyway, to bring it to the attention of the other members like me who don't regularly check the 'Poker' section of this site, but who may be very interested in this!

So if you want to know what I'm going on about, click on Poker Rooms above, then forums & look for thread:-
An idea for a tournament!

Obviously, I'm in! And I'd like to express heartfelt thanks to the sponsor (Poker333), and the Meister for letting JPM organize this though his site! Great guys! :thumbsup:

Roll on Nov 7th!

This is what I was going to post (already typed, so you may as well have it!):
I've just had another of my brilliant or totally crazy ideas! (Depending on your opinion of my sanity!)

I can see a lot of regular posters are online most evenings, like me.
Would any of you be interested in getting together for a little game of poker between us??? Online, of course!
I have accounts at a number of sites, including Empire, Pokerstars, Paradise, and of course - the worlds best site (IMHO) TruePoker! But I would be happy to register at any new one for the purpose of this game!
I'm not very good at poker, and I don't really like Hold'em (my favorite is Omaha Hi/Lo), but I'd be prepared to lose $25 - $50 to you guys on ANY game type as long as it's a limit game so I'd be sure of at least an hours play!

I don't know if any sites have the option of setting up a 'private' table - maybe 'Pokeraddict' could advise on this? (Mind you, with a name like that he shouldn't be invited as he'd probably wipe the floor with us!!!). If not, we'd have to co-ordinate it somehow to make sure we'd all get to the same table at the same time!

Anyone interested, or am I completely bonkers (or both!)?
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gfkostas said:
I would be certainly interested but i suck on poker :(
If I understand it correctly (and someone will quickly correct me if I'm wrong!) - Poker333 is putting up prize money of at least $500, and there's no entry fee!

Therefore it doesn't matter if you suck - come & have a go anyway - it's free!
I just tried to download Poker333 (Piggs Peak Poker), but every time I click on the download button I get a 'The page cannot be displayed' error message! :(

Anyone else having this problem?
Anyone know if there's another site I can download from?
KasinoKing said:
:confused: Start with nothing. Deposit nothing. Play. If you're unlucky - Leave with nothing.
How is that not free?

I don't know you can go gambling without bringing any cash or credit card or any form of money!

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