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Apr 9, 2006
Hi forum readers,

This site is awesome, I'd seen links to it for some time, but only recently came to the site.

I've read through many posts concerning Crystal Palace (and sisters) and seem to be in the same boat with so many others. My online gambling experiences have been quite well. Since 2000 there has only been one casino that I have had a problem with. They offered a Valentine's promo and changed the terms part way through the promo period. That was not cool.
Now in 2006 I have another issue. This time with Crystal Palace. I've played here quite a bit the past month or so and deposited over $12,500 over that time. Was paid 8k in winnings and then lost some more money to them. On my next withdrawl attempt I find my account locked. When I called support they tell me I have registered 3 accounts with Crystal Palace. This is news to me as when I started playing here again I emailed them to ask if they still had my account info so I could play. I had read through their terms which said accounts inactive for over six months would be closed. I had not played here since 2001 and it is good I emailed them because they still had my account info for me. A person keen on reading terms might have simply registered another account after reading about the 6th month inactivty closure. They also provided to me a list of all my accounts with their group and kindly let me know that none of them were locked. I would imagine not, my play is definately beneficial for the operators. If there are any would be online gamblers reading this, beware the enticement of the games and bonuses offered by online casinos. I'm down around 100k since my journey to the online casino world.
One of the posts I read here mentioned a player or group of players had hired an attorney to collect their winnings from Crystal Palace, but I was unable to find the name and contact info of that attorney. Does anyone here have the info of that attorney or any others that are experienced in dealing with online casinos? Unfortunately I have a pocketful of attorneys from the business world and if no one does know an attorney experienced in online casino disputes, there is one I have employed in the past that would probably be capable of proper litigation for this type of matter. Though my winnings are only 11k currently with Crystal Palace, I'm not going to let them welch. I do have a dispute filed with Montana Overseas which is 3 weeks old. Hopefully it will be settled with that, but if not I want to be prompt on legal response.
I appreciate this forum very much and wish good gambling to all who play. If anyone is interested in what the outcome of my dispute is, I would gladly post under this thread again.

Hi RS,

There is also a link on the yellow bar at the top of this page called "Casino Contacts". The rep from Crystal Palace frequents this board so it might be wort dropping him a PM (Private Message) via the forum asking him to look into it. See if you get a good response from that first.

If that proves fruitless, and Montana is also not delivering, pop back here.


I have a question on duplicate accounts.

My parents are elderly and love playing the online casinos. I am the one that signes them up to the casinos they play. My mother was having trouble one day with her computer and I had to re-download the casino, but it wanted her details before the download, so I entered them.

Now she has a new account number. She never took advantage of the new player bonus because I know better than that, but if she should win under this new account number, can the casino deny payment because she now has two accounts? Should I inform them?

Have your mother e-mail customer service explaining the duplicate account and ask that the ORIGINAL account be reactivated. Why give ammunition? If you e-mail, and there IS a dispute, yu will have a record of your request and explaiantion. Of course, it also depends on the Casino and software ....
Hi Simmo,

Thanks for the reply. Prior to filing with Montana, I did PM Oliver Curran from this board. I only gave a couple days for a response, none came, and I then filed the complaint with Montana.

Thanks to the forum member that PM'ed me with the attorney details. If anyone else needs the info of an attorney experienced in online gambling
litigation, please PM me.

Also if anyone else knows any other experienced lawyers, please post or PM me. I sincerely appreciate the info.
Hey forum readers,

Well I've waited just about six weeks with no reply back from Montana Overseas. I did do a PAB a couple weeks ago, however from what I can tell from reading, Bryan is busier than than one person needs to be already.
So I contacted an international attorney I had used in the past. I had bought some high priced roulette systems when I first started gambling and go figure they did not work. The law offices of World Law Direct helped me
in getting the seller fined by his government and shut down off of the net.
Anyway I am going to intitiate a lawsuit against Crystal Palace. I figure if I am going to go after them legally I may as well bring into the picture a number of cases of abuse towards players and Crystal Palace breaking their own terms, such as when 'Oliver' posted a players personal information.
If anyone has been abused by this casino or its sisters, if you want you could pm me about the details of it. I am going to personally sue them, and if there is enough people that have been abused by this group, a class action might be worthwhile in helping people get paid that have had their winnings withheld. This may also help in bringing some scrutiny on their practices which hopefully would bring their licensor or government into the picture.

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