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Nov 27, 2006
Santa Barbara
Here is a summary of the problem I submitted to the Meister via PAB and the RTG disputes channel (which may or may not work):

The problem: On Sunday I contacted Live Chat about a pop-up message I got regarding a double bonus feature in the software. They offered me a 1000+8000 bonus with 300% insurance, so I took it and pretty quickly lost the money and the insurance money However, I contacted Live Chat again and they offered me the same bonus, so I took it again. This time, though, I got the balance up to 20,000 with about half of the rollover done, and then went to sleep. When I logged into my email this morning, I got an email from David Nichols saying he was not authorized to give me the bonus and therefore is taking ALL of the money including winnings except my last deposit, which was returned to my NETeller.

I have several Live Chat screenshots authorizing the various bonuses and the recent Live Chat with Victoria the manager saying that John did not understand and that If a customer uses a promo bonus that is not entitled to him/her, any winnings generated from that bonus will be forfeited and the original deposit will be returned. How was I supposed to know this promo bonus was not for me?

The CSR authorized it and gave it to me after I specifically asked him for it - I didnt redeem an account-specific coupon.

This was obviously unacceptable, so I PAB'd and submitted a dispute and emailed the manager of Cool Cat. They eventually responded with:

Dear John,

The double up promotion that you took advantage on last Sunday was good to a maximum of 500% bonus with no cash back. To receive a an 800% is absolutely unfathomable. The offer you received wasn't approved by me the casino manager or the supervisor who was here on Sunday when you were given the offer. To have received it twice is totally unthinkable. As the offer was not authorized it voids any winnings.

The analogy I can think of is say you went to a bank and requested a loan. You received more of a loan than you where eligible for. You left the funds in the bank and accrued the inserts. When the bank managers discovers the discrepancy they will of course remove any funds from your account. Principal and interest.

As you might have noticed, we sent back your last deposit to your NETeller account yesterday and I even offered to send back your first deposit from that same day even though you lost it. I believe that was a fair offer, but you made it clear you were not going to accept it.

What we might be able do will be the following: we will put back in your balance the amount of your first deposit from Sunday ($1,000.00) and we will also add 500% bonus , which is the maximum bonus for the double up offer. This offer comes with a 60 times play through, 10 x max cash out, bonus is non cashable.

That will be our offer for you. Please let me know if you are willing to take it. Will be in live help if you need to chat with me.

Best regards,

Victoria Santiago

Again, this was clearly unacceptable. They went ahead and credited my NETeller account with one of my $1,000 deposits I had made there, but I declined to take their offer since it was voiding $11,000 of my winnings!

A few days passed and eventually this email came down the pipe:

Dear John,

I have good news for you!... we have decided to place back the $19,000 bonus that was previously removed from your account...

You may now continue with your play through requirements... good luck!

Best regards,

Victoria Santiago

Thankfully through the efforts of the Meister and by keeping good records of all Live Chat transcripts, emails, and not giving up - I got my money back! I just finished up the playthrough requirements at $18,000 - right at the max cash out (10 times deposit), while having a lot of fun playing Blackjack and Let it Ride.

Victoria: Thank you for eventually coming around, and I appreciate your efforts to work with me. Cool Cat Casino is cleaning up their name by these efforts, in my opinion.

Meister: Thanks for looking into this, as I have no doubt you did plenty of work behind the scenes that I am not aware of.

My Advise

Don't even play there.

Avoid hurting your liver and if you like RTG play at Main Street Casinos or Bodog..

They won't give you a hard time
Way to make it happen jccurious and Bryan. Had something like this happen to me at Virtual casino and glad I copied the deal in chat or else its their word against yours.

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