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Confused about Strategy Discussions?

Discussion in 'Ask the Meister' started by StaceyLee, Jan 30, 2011.

    Jan 30, 2011
  1. StaceyLee

    StaceyLee Dormant account

    Full-time mum and student

    I need help in clarifying what is and isn't allowed within discussions on the forum, beside the obvious shilling and peddling of one's wares and abusive communication. I have engaged in a few roulette discussion threads, one of them being the more controversial one authored by Sentinel that was recently closed. Aside from the pushing and shoving is it solely because Sentinel claimed he had an unbeatable system or is there more?

    I do not personally believe in unbeatable systems and have always found that the experienced members always paint threads with the right information to offer protection to rookie gamblers. After this, well it's individual choice and if the worst happens it's certainly not because the forum did not show all the pitfalls and dangers - in more places than one.

    Roulette is my choice of game and this is purely personal as poker, slots, etc just aren't my flavour, but with any game/sport there are tactics and this is how I view the betting strategies.

    It is clear in the CM rules and obvious to a rookie in a very short time of researching gambling, that systems, bots, etc do not provide a guaranteed win. In the CM rules, Operators are even claimed to be naive if they ban bots because they offer no guarantee for winning.

    Players that choose bonuses, however, are called Advantage Players as they use bonuses to gain a mathematical advantage while gambling and Operators should respect this choice. I personally don't use bonuses to gain an advantage preferring to use tactics/strategies within the game to provide longevity.

    My questions are: Isn't a player an Advantage Player when they successfully use a strategy? Are roulette players actually allowed to discuss and share in the forum their different betting strategies/techniques with other roulette players.

    I do enjoy the roulette strategy threads and participating in them, but am now wondering if I have contributed inappropriately as this may not be the right thing to do here and I have not cited or understood all the rules very well. Am I perhaps supposed to be on another forum for roulette discussions? I have peaked at other forums but have never been interested in going elsewhere as I instantly liked the integrity, professionalism and comprehensive up-to-date on-line casino information provided by CM.

    So would greatly appreciate help on this topic. Thanks to all.

  2. Jan 30, 2011
  3. Diane

    Diane Ueber Meister

    Consultant - HR

    Well worded, articulate, professional and a most appropriate question. I don't play roulette and have no interest in it, but you have asked the questions the right way.

    I suspect there is a fine line between "systems" and strategy --but your questions should be responded to for the edification of all interested.

    I am sure one of the CM leaders will get back to you shortly when they get caught up on all their post-meeting stuff.

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  4. Jan 30, 2011
  5. Da_Gambla

    Da_Gambla Dormant account

    Code Monkey
    Los Angeles
    IMO that thread was closed for the following reason: past Forum history will definitely predict future outcome.

    There will never be a time where a roulette system will be posted and absolutely no one will come along to point out that roulette patterns don't blah blah (not going into it all again). This is due to the fact that the community here cares that proper, balanced information be provided. The OP will take offense to this, and then it's ON.

    Roulette system posters are a breed apart, and are usually prepared for what's coming next. Some may even surmise that they are intentionally trying to start a problem (trolling).

    You asked him yourself, although he never got to answer, why he was so insistent that someone from this forum test his system in the exact manner he controls. Without all of that chest heaving, that thread would have had about 8 responses and died a proper roulette system death. Based on how many times he was asked that before, and how many times he was asked that on another forum, he never intentioned to answer it with anything more than more controversial content.

    I play roulette. I play patterns when I get bored. I love statistics, and that game draws you in if you do. No matter that it isn't valid, we're human and our curiosity dictates that we will find such things amusing and challenging. There's just a fine line being discussing something from a standpoint of 'hey, this is fun, try it sometime' to 'if you don't try this, you're afraid, you're shallow, your closed-minded', etc etc.

    IMO the OP was getting more entertainment out of watching everyone respond each time he threw out another vapor concept. His post was never intended as 'fun', nor as a discussion. He posted it as fact, and anyone who challenged his belief of the facts has some sort of personality disorder, doesn't like money, or is afraid he's right. This puts everyone else who has participated so far in the position of defending their posts about what is actual reality, which of course is absurd.

    We have one position: reality. There's only so many ways to state reality, because it is fairly rigid. A roulette psychopath has 100's of positions they can hold, and like religion, they can change from 10 mins ago to whatever will next cause a volley of counter-posts. It always ends with the proverbial "you can't prove me wrong" (again, very similar to religious controversies), which of course, if we were all sitting around a roulette table, we could, but since we're not, it's another vapor statement. The fact is, we can't disprove it, but only due to lack of a proper testing platform outside of a forum.

    So, to wrap this response up, tact is everything. He chose to be controversial (not a big deal at first), then confrontational (it's getting warm in here) to finally personal insults and challenges that cannot be satisfied (World War III). I believe many of those states of the thread were intentional on his part, as he's used to the rejection and is prepared to make people start chasing clouds for his own amusement.

    I play roulette, I use these systems. I am proof that you can understand something doesn't work a certain way, but still use it. I'm not hurting anyone else, or trying to convince them to throw a bankroll at my idea(s). When I run into a kindred roulette player who is saying things like "my system doesn't rely on any patterns. Once dozens has slept for x number of spins...", I'm going to correct that false statement. They are simply attaching what people WANT to hear (a lure) to what they want them to believe. This has been done for centuries, and is why we have the term 'snake oil salesman'. You attach hope to someone, convince them you are both on the same page with some non-controversial subject matter, then sell them what you want. An intelligent forum body is never going to allow that to get very far before people start posting reality.

    - Keith
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  6. Jan 30, 2011
  7. StaceyLee

    StaceyLee Dormant account

    Full-time mum and student
    Thanks Da_Gambla great insight as I was beginning to think that all roulette players were being thrown into the same pit. :(

    For the record:

    My children find comfort and solace with their childhood struggles by believing in Fairies, Father Christmas and Guardian angels, even though the world tells them they are only in their imagination. This does not make them silly.

    My family and friends find comfort and solace with the tragedy and trials of life by believing in God, even though science tells them God is not a fact. This does not make them stupid.

    I find comfort and solace with the unbeatable wheel by using betting strategies, even though I know they are not a means to an end. This does not make me moronic.

    It is nice to know the difference between a pedigree and a non-pedigree poster and that those who abide by the pedigree laws are in fact allowed to chat about roulette.

  8. Jan 31, 2011
  9. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    Good thread :thumbsup:

    Speaking as a moderator I'd add this. In general, experienced forum members discussing strategies - and even systems - is generally OK as they should have a good sense by then that no "system" will beat a game of chance. Similarly, they wil probably appreciate a "strategy" can help extend a bankroll but cannot guarantee winning.

    When I see a discussion that might lead a newbie to believe either a strategy or system can improve their chances of winning, that's when I think a responsible action is to clarify that they can't. But there is a dearth of affiliates, "authors" and others with a commercial interest in misleading players into believing that they can beat a game of chance. When I think someone may have an ulterior motive, that's when I would step in.

    Hope that adds some clarity.


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  10. Jan 31, 2011
  11. 3mptyseat

    3mptyseat Quit Gambling PABnonaccred

    Pressing Buttons
    California de Norte
    Apologies for derail...But...Was there any clarity on whether he was vending something other than horsefeathers? IYHO, did he actually believe what he was pushing? Opinions aside, if he did indeed believe the mess of rubbish he posted, well then, we might all agree, that is (a) horse (sh*t) of a different color.
  12. Jan 31, 2011
  13. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    My concern is that newbies are lead to believe that Roulette Systems work. My experience shows that there are a high number of unscrupulous individuals that will exploit forums such as these to gain SEO rankings on key words (you don't necessarily need a link). Once in a while one of these guys will post the same thing in a number of forums hoping that people will either start Googling key terms or PMing him for further info. The end point is the Roulette system website that has affiliate links to whatever casino.

    The way these system hype artists are making money is by convincing people to make deposits at these casinos, and he makes a profit from their losses. So much for a system that works :rolleyes:

    This is one of the reasons I'm pretty hard-nosed against "system" touting threads. Me no like 'em.
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