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Mar 15, 2003
Well folks Clue Dice didnt pay me. I sent them 2 forms of government issued ID. And I sent them front and back copies of my Credit Card (Which I now canceled). My money sat in processing for 4 business in which they credit my original purchase back to my credit card. I left out of town for a few days. Upon returning I found they placed the surplus $320 back into my playing account. I called and inquired about it. They stated that I played Craps with there deposit bonus and couldnt honor my surplus. I told them that I wagered in craps after I met the wagering requirement. She stated that security said to either allow you to play the money out or to forfeit it and allow you to start over. I told her I have been gambling on the net since 98 and know how to read and follow rules. She then told me those was my only 2 options. I told her they was crooks and had to intention of paying me. She then hung-up the phone on me and forfeit my winnings. I will never trust them again!
Club Dice is far from crooked, in fact I found them to be more than generous. Last month I took them up on their $100 signup bonus and lost it all, then they sent me a subsequent bonus offer for $100 which I took them up on and won about $3000 on with 3 $1000 royals. After each one, I withdrew the $1000 winnings which were processed in 4 days like clockwork, even though I hadn't yet completed my wagering requirements. This is one of the FEW casinos that will allow you to withdraw your initial deposit & winnings BEFORE you finish wagering requirements! They never even pestered me for ID.

The problem is, the rules say "This offer is not valid if bets are placed in the games of Roulette, Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Baccarat or Craps." It doesn't say you can play these games after your finish your wagering requirements, its says you can't play them period. You gotta go by the letter of the law with these casinos, not by the spirit of the law.

What you did should have been ok, but according to the rules, it is not. This doesn't make them 'crooks', but rather sticklers for the rules. I suspect that if you'd spoken to the manager and explained what happened and had him check the logs, they may have sent you the winnings. But you called them crooks, so of course they're not going to play nice. It sounds like they were being pretty reasonable in putting the winnings back in your account to play with, rather than voiding it in the first place.

Remember, always go by the letter of the law at casinos, and remember you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. A little courtesy and persistence with the manager can sometimes break thru the stonewall of customer service reps refusals to pay.
I was also impressed by Club Dice when I have played there in the past. And they used to allow blackjack play. I think they changed that, as so many have, just recently.

Regarding the typical excluded games like craps and roulette, I know the handling of this varies widely between casinos. So I just NEVER play an excluded game. Not before and not after the playthrough requirements. Why open yourself up to problems.

Copy the terms and conditions to a file, date it, and follow the letter if you can.

I thought Club Dice was one of the more reputable casinos.
I agree Paul, I won't even download excluded games in a new casino until after I have cashed out or lost my initial deposit + bonus. Just say no to excluded games if there's bonus money in your account.

Club Dice IS a reputable casino, not was.

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