Cleopatras Palace/Royal Sands-Beware!


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Dec 9, 2007
Hi Everyone...I have not been able to log in to either Casino account since mid-June. I deposited $55.00 USD mid June with Cleopatras Palace and got a good bonus. I doubt I would ever have made the playthru requirements as they were huge. However, I never got the chance to find out.

After depositing via ENTROPAY VISA I got the phone call from the Casino to verify my account and I thought all was well. I continued playing when all of a sudden the casino application closed on me.

Since that moment I have received only AUTO-REPLIES to my emails (too numerous to count) and when I do log into LIVE CHAT via their website they basically hurry me off or give me the brush off.

They call it a "technical" issue with no further explanation and nothing is ever done. The message I receive is: "You are not allowed to log in. Please contact Customer Serivce for more information".

I have given up and have advised them I will be posting this issue in Casino Forums.

I just want my $55.00 back....but guess that's impossible now. The same thing happened with the Royal Sands completely shut down on me however they owe me nothing on that account.

Hopefully someone can help me....