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Dec 13, 2002
[color=ff0000][font=arial,helvetica][size=+1] Hi, Bryan and forum gang. First, I want to let you know I have been coming here for almost 2 years, and really enjoy the News section and yes of course I check out the Rouge, Good, and Ugly in the casino's lol
I have played online almost that link of time, but longer in land base casino's.

I wanted to let everyone know about DSI Casino. I found it at another forum of course with free money. So, I go and check it out. First, I encounter that it's down for mainteance and will return in 45 minutes and boy that 45 minutes was more like 45 hours. Well, 2 days later I finally get in. I register, and the bonus money is instant. I go to the slots, and play the max which is .75, oops what's this, I'm suppose to get 6 credits, but it's not crediting? Ok, maybe it's my connection. So, I spin again, now it's 12 credits but I've only got 6? Hmmm. Next spin, I'm suppose to get 24 credits, well I get them, ok now, let me see! Next spin, 12 credits, NOT credited, this is screwed up. I emailed the casino 4 days ago and no response as of yet. Folks, we work hard to be able to play, however, this kind of casino doesn't deserve my dedication nor my money to play in there casino. PLEASE BE WARN!!!!!!!!![/size][/font][/color]

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