Caught em Cheating? I got a picture


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Sep 10, 2002
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This is an unedited screen capture from
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java (free version) Video Poker.

I held the J/A/K club and drew two 10 of spades. Yes, TWO!! Any idea what the heck happened here? I have prolly played half a million hands of video poker and this is the first time this has happened. I was playing the "for fun" version but I thought the free version of any online casino was supposed to hold the same odds as for real version..?? Besides, this deck MUST be stacked or their software simply does not work. Im not sure who makes this software but I have seen it used in other online casinos.


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Yes, that is pretty "odd".

That is Starnet software. The VP odds
do suck. The 6/5 payout on a full house
and flush should be 9/6.

So the game is "rigged" to begin with,
as the house edge is far more than it should

Starnet is now WorldGaming. And their broke.

This might be of interest:

Starnet stock is selling for 7 cents a share as of 9/20/02.

WOW!!! Pretty much tells you all you need to know. :eek:
A nice one indeed. I would not call it cheating, though, it's rather programmer's incompetence (it of course does not rule out cheating :). It seems that he generates a random number for each drawn card and then he checks if the card that the number represents is already on the table. And he has forgotten to check the drawn cards against each other. Is that really Starnet? This kind
of error should happen every now and then, so I guess people would have already complained.

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