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Dec 11, 2003
Bryan, I and my wife love to gamble as our primary hobby. We spend on average 4-7 k US $ per month (Ask me and I will be happy to verfiy our financial records regarding this issue). We gamble at Riverblle, Jackpot City, Lucky Nugget, the Gaming Club, Aces High and Havana Club Casinos. We used to gamble a lot at at Golden Reef and Challenge Casino, but don't play as much there now since there rewards are not real money, unless you are a platinum member. I ,even as a gold member there, do not qualify for real money bonuses, lol. Apparently, one must be a platinum member, like Bill Gates, to qualify for real dollar to dollar money. We do try new casinos recommneded by your site. I am not ashamed to say that I do enjoy bonus money, but spend enough of my own money to justify it. As a matter of fact, I get several bonus offers a month from the above named casinos because we play enough to justify it as it is our major hobby ( I guess most casinos consider several thousand of US dollars real money). The reason I am not "pitching a bitch" is because I consider internet gambimig a hobby and a joy and don't try to take advantage of any on line casino. I tried the Casino US yesterday, since they were recently added to your site as a reputable casino. I was severely dissapointed when I played $100.00 US dollars with my wife into the casino through Neteller . I played for a match bonus which promised to be credited to my account in (1-3) business hours. After three hours, my wife called the casino to see why we had not recieved our bonus. The representative said it would be in shortly. He called himself Shaun? ( who the hell knows if this was his real name) . We didn't see the money and called back in two hours. The next rep who talked to my wife said that we didn't qualify for the bonus because both of us had apparently played a sister casino to this group called Crazy Vegas. Now, understand we both play on line casinos and play independelntly. ( I don't ask my wife, geez, honey where did you play yesterday), We don't try to take advantage of bonuses offered. I suppose that is why JackPot City and Lucky Nugget consistently send me matching bonuses month after month. If I spend this much money, I expect service and courtesy. US casino neither provided answers to the bonus denial or reasons why we didnt get it (I.E at a minimum quoting there own policy and contract.) My wife, by the way, has never opened an account with this casino. The reason I didn't get this bonus opens up an interesting issue. Is this group trying not to honor there word (contract) or are there legitimate loss control issues? I actually wasn't going to write you, since I figured that if my wife and I had inadvertently opened different member accounts in there group, then it might be justifiable (assuming they are ethical) to let it go. This evening, this group invited me to be a platinum member (I would be more than happy to forward this email to you if you wish). Despite the groelshe in my hand that made me happy for most of the evening, I lost it at this point. Not even another pint or two could cure the pain and agravation of being taken. I hate scam artists and carnies (I guess Euros call them gypies still; at least when I lived in Cambrigshshire back in 1997.) I am issuing a rather unique challenge to what I consider a rogue casino. I am willing to show and verify through Netwller and Firepay how much I have spent the last twelve months on on line gambling , which by my own rough estimates is a minumin of 60K US money (twice the salary which most middle class Americans earn) , any details to verify who I am, and I would request you demand the recorded casino conversation between me and them ( I do sound justfiably pissed off by the way). I also request if I am proven correct, you remove these scrubbers ( haha, my days in the UK) from your group of reputable casinos. Again, you can contact me and I will provide you with what ever you need to hold these scroundels to accountability. I am not a complainer. But I can only be taken so far before I complain. Like you, Bryan. I am from California and lived in the San Fransico, Bay Area most of my life in Burlingame. If this continues, I fear Congress might actually finally ban internet gamblng for lack of regulation and accountabity. You are the closest thing we have now to regualtion ( a strong voice in the wilderness). I actually don't want to play US Casino again, nor want a token bonus or there bonus money for that matter ( I wouldn't even take 1k from them let alone the legitimte bonus I am entitled to on grounds of principle). As a matter of fact, I would request that they be removed from your site and placed under rogue casino or at a minnimum not recommended, since I don't like being played for a fool and given lame a__ excuses. I hope others read this and understand that a fair game is a fair game when all who play it play by the rules and don't look for ways not to pay. I have an insurance background over several yearswith Zurich; in that industry we are tought to pay what we owe and look for coverage unless there is obvious criminal intent. Thank You for your time.


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Jun 30, 1998
I reread your posting and I'm not sure what the "specific" problem was. CasinoUS is part of the Vegas Partner group (Crazy Vegas, Sun Vegas, Arthurian Casino, 777Dragon, Cinema Casino). I can assure you, these guys are some of the best; I meet with the operators on a regular basis at most of the functions I attend. They are even members of this forum.

I'll get them to respond to see what's up.



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Jul 24, 2002
Thank you for your posting on 2004/01/12.

Phillip, who received your call on 11/01/2004, was aware that the investigation on your accounts was still pending.

We have thoroughly investigated the matters which you have brought to our attention. Our Risk and Security Department have confirmed that your account is in good standing with Vegas Partner Lounge Group. Our Risk and Security department did however note the following:

1. There was a discrepancy with your date of birth entered incorrectly in the registration of one of your casino accounts. This matter was resolved.

2. There was a Neteller transaction by someone other than yourself. This being a potential security matter for a player, whose interests we wish to protect, we were obliged to further investigate the matter. In such circumstances, it is casino policy to request documentation which only you would have access to, in order to clarify and resolve the matter quickly and efficiently.

3. As you have subsequently confirmed that the player is your wife, and that the transaction was made by her. Other accounts came up linked to your account, after it was confirmed that the other player was your wife, this was resolved.

We apologize for the delay in addressing the above issues.

You stated that you have VIP Status with various other casinos which have provided you with ongoing bonuses. Through our investigation we have discovered that both you and your wife have only ever purchased with the Vegas Partner Lounge Group of casinos for the match bonuses offered by us.

We would like to confirm that your 100% match bonus has been credited to your Casino US account, additionally as a gesture of good faith and for the inconvenience caused we have credited your account with a $10.00 complimentary bonus.

We strive to give you the best online gambling experience of your life, offering the greatest promotions all the time and backing our services up with a 24-hour toll free helpdesk service.

Contact us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any other queries or suggestions.

The Support Team
Casino US
Vegas Partner Lounge


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Dec 11, 2003
Thank You For The Prompt Reply

Errol (US Casino) and Casinomeister, Thank for your prompt response and investigation into the bonus offer. I appreciate the good will on your part and will certainly play in your casino again. I liked the fact that you explicitly explained what happened to my satisfaction. Regarding the Neteller issue, I use this account for both of us, since I am a little more disciplined with our gambing hobby budget. Since we enjoyed the play and length of time at your casino, you can rest assured we will be playing your group often, especially since Bryan wrote highly of you in his post. I am also sorry if I was a little bit strong in my letter, but was enjoying a few groelshe beers at the time I wrote the letter and was expecting the bonus and wasn't able to get a straight answer over the phone as well as you laid it out here in a professional manner. Thanks again.