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Oct 17, 2005
Parlay Entertainment. How reputable is Casino Silver? It is not on the rogue list, however Parlay entertainment had some discouraging bits on it. The reason I ask is because I took advantage of their no deposit $200 bonus. Before you go rushing to the site, take a look at their T&C:

1. Bonus or Deposit money cannot be withdrawn

3. Non- depositors cannot receive redemption on winnings prior to that deposit and cannot transfer bonus or comp dollars to their account once a deposit is made

I of course have not deposited yet, but I've ran up the 200 to ~4000 (TOTAL LUCK). Is it worth depositing, playing through the requirement on blackjack and then just trying to cash out any winnings? Is this a lost cause? thanks for any help
All winnings earned before the initial deposits are not redeemable, and will be removed once an initial deposit is made

Hi Holly,

The T&C's are pretty clear on this. That $200 was funny money. So is the $4000 you won. Whatever is in your account now will disappear as soon as you deposit.

Apart from that, I know nothing about this Casino. Their website is not too forthcoming either...I would definitely not give them any personal information, never mind depositing money there!

Stick to the Meister's list if you're unsure:)

Like Slotmachine says.. stick to the casinos that the Meister has listed... this way you have some recourse if they decide to rip you off. Bonuses that sound too good to be true are usually just a no-win situation. Too much fine print and no-payment scams usually accompany them.

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