Resolved Casino Red Flush First withdraw request


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Apr 12, 2010
i did have made a withdraw at this casino on the friday 29 october still havent been paid
as it was my first withdraw i received a confirm email for my request where they ask you to send usual document at specified adress linked with the email
i like fast payout so i did those in the same day
received the famous read document status so all was ok for me
Next monday got an email where the support ask me to provide docs again....
wondering i go to the chat suport, there they tell me that the adress linked in the first email doesnt work and ask to send doc again ill do it again
now we are in november and my bill from august dont match the 3 month criteria
discover this on wednesday after that i went to live chat to c if all was ok
sending a bill from october the same day
now we re thursday seems likes something wrong with the casino cantacting live chat again ther e they tell me that they will call me to verify something on the next ten minutes 2hour later..... no sign of life
contatcting again support the finally call me to repeat Bd an adress

after this phone contact thought all were be ok but still not..

8 days later still same status on my withdrawal work in progress

contacting live chat its the internationnal once so the person couldnt respond to any of my question just told that will forward my question to the support department of my country
next day i got a phone call from the casino they ask me to provide a driver id cause my passport is not accepted by there financial department

My passport as so far been accepted in every casino and i could travel with it everywhere just in usa cause its not a biometric one

so sending the driver licence and will c this was last friday

monday was my last contact with the support they told me taht they received it this day(more open it) and my withdrawal will probably accepted on the next day
3 days later same status for my withdraw work in progress

now im wondering if i contact support what they will ask for
a) can u come to our office to c if ur the right person
b) can we send you one of our agent to c if your the right person
c) we will gonna proceed to your withdraw request fast when it is written everywhere in this casino
d) we dont gonna pay you cause we dont know how to bore more peeps

well for an accredited casino an for a mg one i really have seen better


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Mar 4, 2008
hi , have you tried to contact rep here first ? before going ahead & putting your case forward on here , maybe that would of saved you some time , try contacting them first ,if this fails you can PAB .


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Oct 14, 2004
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Hi stefdo,

I have responded to your PM.

Best regards,

To clarify, why are passports not now being accepted? What if a player CAN'T drive, are they screwed?

I CAN drive, so have always used my driving licence (with no rejections so far), but eventually I will be too old to be allowed to continue driving. Would I have to quit PLAYING too?