Casino-On-Net Refuses to Pay and closes account


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Aug 21, 2002
I deposited $200 on April 3rd using Citadel, and the transaction was approved by both Citadel and Casino-On-Net, I ended up winning $2240.50 and decided to cash out. On the day my withdrawal was supposed to be processed, Citadel returned my check deposit saying I had the wrong bank account number (now isn't that kinda weird, if i had the wrong bank account number how did it get pass the system in the first place). I contacted Casino-on-net's security department to resolve the deposit issue on the same day. But rather then trying to help me resolve this problem they just closed my account and told me that my winnings weren't going to be honored. I told them that they can't use this deposit problem as an excuse to not pay me, and told them that i would resolve it by sending out a bank wire for the returned deposit. This was what the senior support representative told me to do. So I contacted the security department and they totally ignore me on resolving this issue. So my casino account is locked for no reason other then my deposit was returned, due to an error in the bank account #(but how would it get pass by citadel in the beginning if it had the wrong bank number and was approved by both systems, only 4 days later to be returned), so casino-on-net refuses to pay my winnings because of this, and won't let me in my account to fix this problem. This goes to show that even the biggest casinos can act like rogue casino.
Good to hear that. Casino-on-net is pretty huge and they normally have the resources to clear up just about anything. But just like any business, some things can get skewered along the way.
I have a Casino-on-net query.i will keep it short...playing $5 minimum public roulette last week had $5 on 33 and $10 on 33/36 amongst others..i watch the ball spin fall in 33 and it tells me you have won $360,then as quick as a flash changes it mind..its now no 19 of which i had nothing on or near.NOW im aware of roulette and how it can go but i have never seen it go so far(you have won $360 ) then tell me i havent.How blatant is that.Its not a sour grapes issue and i wont starve or lose my house,it was just such an unsavoury online casino experince.I have contacted them and its now been passed to technical dept.My log and theirs said number 19,but im only telling them and yourselves what clearly landed in 33 and TOLD me i had won $360,thn changed its mind.Has anyone had experience of this at casino-on-net...i have been a bit dubious of several casinos i have played on and thought some a little predictable,but to go as far as this leaves a real bitter taste in the wishes

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