Casino King *TOOK MY DEPOSIT!*


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Oct 12, 2006

I recently made my first deposit at Casino King. They were offering a 100 bonus so I deposited, thinking my money would be doubled. My bonus never showed in my account so I e-mailed them (I couldn't get a response on "live" support) to inquire why I didn't qualify for the bonus. I was informed that they "no longer offered bonuses to my jurisdiction". So, of course, I replied back to ask why. Then I receive a canned response to please note that "due to the imminent passing of the Federal Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act by the United States Senate on September 30, 2006, we are unable to issue bonuses to, or accept wagers from, residents of the United States."

I am livid! They said they couldn't take my wager or give me a bonus but yet they accepted my deposit AND NOW WON'T GIVE IT BACK!

Ok, they frauduantly took my money at a place where I wasn't supposed to play (as of now, there is still an American flag on their homepage and no statement in their terms concerning US citizens..who knows, they might have changed it by now) and I am out of my money! I had no chance of winning there so my money was basically thrown away (on my side of things...they made a little profit for theirself though).

ANYWAYS, the morral of the story is STAY AWAY from Casino King! They cannot be trusted! They are CROOKS!

Thanks for reading. Hope I can deter others from depositing and having the same thing happen to them.
Have they explicitly told you that they arent returning your deposit? Playtech casinos are notoriously slow for processing withdrawals so if they treat your return of deposit as a withdrawal it could take 4-5 business days. However, if they dont return your deposit you must insist that they do because confiscation is tantamount to rouguish behaviour and they must be reprimanded for it.
I also recommend you pm the rep, have you done that? See "casino contacts" Also, if im not mistaken, the flag on the main page indicates currency(dollars). I was told this many moons ago when I couldnt log on to a Casino, I was told no us players, but after I pointed out the flag, they said it was a currency indicator.:)
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