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Dec 9, 2006
I go to Vegas a few times a year and am enrolled in several of the players club/comp programs. My question is if anyone has been able to find a casino that is willing to reserve seating in the sports book (for NFL games on Sun) in exchange for playing Holdem. The casino's I have contacted say 'no' but I have seen that most of the sports book seating is reserved every Sunday morning...
There will be at least four of us playing mid+ stakes.
If anyone knows how to get this perk let me know.
I dont think they do that. In fact, most poker rooms are run almost completely independent of the rest of the casino for comps.

You might want to check out Harrahs, nice poker room next to the sport book and not quite as much traffic as the rest of the casinos.
yeah- that seems to be the case. Funny thing is that the casinos are quick to comp the room but a seat in the sports book is not possible...

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