Casino Brandy: A disturbing experience


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Dec 1, 2004
The story is simply. I deposited following an email invitation for a 15% appreciation bonus. The email invitation provided a link to the bonus terms and conditions. The link specified 4X wagering of the bonus only. I played through. After a later email inquiry from my side the casino specified that the wagering requirements are 6x (D+B). I checked the link again in the email invitation and indeed now the link says this as well. I must have been under hallucinations when I read and printed out the first time the email link.
Whenever playing at a casino such as Brandy, ALWAYS MAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THE Ts&Cs BEFORE YOU PLAY!!

Cirrus tried a similar ruse a few weeks ago that has NOT been fully resolved. Either it was purposely done, or a managerial slip up. I should have more on this sometime early this week.
jetset, why do you think they are owned by landbased group?
I'm still not 100% sure but looks like they are connected with 5 or 6 casinos at Samara through "All-games" association (

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