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I just posted a banner add on my website. It is for Captain Cooks Casino. This is the only casnio on the Internet I really like. If I have real players signed up under me, will I really get the 35-45% of what the casino makes off these players? Also, if these players keep playing will I always make money off them? For Example, if person A, B, and C all sign up under me and the casino makes $1000 a month off of all 3 of them every month, would I then get $1050 each month from the usage of these players? Keep in mind this is just an example and I would be getting 35% of the casino's profit. Any helpful comments would be nice.


sounds like something i should be doing too ... i got a personal homepage .. how do i go about doing this?
Hi Don,

Check out the affiliates page here Old URL which gives you a bit of infomation about Captain Cook's program among others.

Hey I'm an affiliate at Captin Cooks, I must say I do like there program. I also like Omni Casino's affiliate program, they give up to 20% of each player losses to the casino every month, for the players life playing time at the casino

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