Brand New HTC P3350 -- $3,100


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Jan 11, 2008
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i'm very interested in buying one of every item you have, i will pay double the price you offered and i'll even throw in my bank account number and sort code :rolleyes:


You type well loads
Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Son of a b****, the spammers are really crawling out of the woodwork today! :mad:
Just earned themselves another -40;)

Shall we try for -100:D

This is probably one of the worst spammers we have seen for some time, joined up and spammed EIGHT forum sections with the same crap, that has NOTHING TO DO with gambling online.

Banned in 1 hour evens favourite
Banned this afternoon 3/1
Still active tomorrow 1000/1

PS - wil001.
I have on offer a limited number of Fruit machine emptying devices, a job lot from a liquidation sale from Daz Watts Ltd, top notch stuff, cleverly disguised as a car keyfob with an LED sellotaped to it - will get past ALL pub and arcade security:D

I also have the RTG casino emptying eBook, exposing how by computing the slot cycles, and raising the bet at strategic moments can hit huge bonus rounds.

It also works on MG, here is one successful empty of Challenge casino:)

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