"BR" Challenge lol


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Ok, I w/d my money and clicking through to check my rewards, I found 14c in my rakeback account. Fortunately, this money wouldn't go to waste, as the $2NL CAP tables allow a minimum buy-in of 8c. hah.

Anyways, here's where I am so far. I want to take it to at least $14 (100x) and go from there. :thumbsup:

Yes, this is a small sample to get to where I am now, and luck/good run of cards/bad calls by opponents got me here, but hey, that's poker, right? ;)



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Yay for lowrollers! lol......Not a bad session...Playing a freeroll to pick up a couple extra bucks w/no risk involved, and am CL (still 147 from the $, top 10 get paid, 551 entries)

Anyways, I wanted to concentrate on this tournament, and stopped my cash session @ 100 hands. Went down a decent bit, but made it back + a few cents more :)

To be continued...

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Just under a doubleup, over ~90 hands, 2 tables this time...

oh, and .42 FPP away from releasing another free dollar from my deposit bonus ;)



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Sorry for the spam. :)

I love these levels...lol....so soft, and then you get the ones that pretty much flip for their buy-in.....well, a couple of times this last session, I had great hands when they decided to do so, and reaped the rewards....

(This SS is minus $1.10, as I bought in to a $100gtd PLO tournament that starts at 7:45EDT)

So, almost halfway there, maybe more if I make the money in that tourney.

Question is, why can't I run this good at $1/$2? ;)

Stop by and say "hi" if you want...lol....playing on the WPN network.