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Apr 5, 2006
Sorry, but this needed it's own new thread. As some of you may have read I've been having trouble getting western union transfer information from BoDog on a payout that was approved last Friday.

This is their latest response to my last e-mail:

As stated in the messages you received directly after your payouts were approved, Wire Transfer infomation is taking an average of 10 business days to be forwarded to our clients. Your payouts were approved on March 23rd,
2007, please look below for an estimated time frame based on 10 business days:

Payout ID: Date Requested: Outcome: Estimated Clearance Date:
2361985 Mar 23/07 11:52 AM Approved Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
2361960 Mar 23/07 11:23 AM Approved Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

**Please note: National bank holidays - April 6th and 9th**

They're saying all this, yet people with requested payouts after me already have their money. This casino's reputation is going downhill in a hurry. I urge everyone not to put anymore money into this place! :mad: :mad:
And the Saga Continues:

You initiated your payouts on March 23rd, 2007; these payouts were approved on the same day. Your first business
day for clearance of these payouts would have been Monday, March 26th as weekends or national holidays cannot be counted as a regular business day. Unfortunately your payout has been further delayed due to Easter long weekend; as you are aware, we have no control over 3rd party business policies with regards to processing transactions over national holidays.

Someone care to explain to me how a holiday two weeks from now should have an impact on a payout right now? Secondly, I never had to wait before for "clearance" on a payout. What is that all about???

All payouts are reviewed in batches on a first come, first serve basis. Please be assured that your payout is being processed to you and will be completed in accordance to the original estimation time that was suggested at the time of payout approval.

They keep saying this, yet won't tell me how other people are getting their money before me.

We are sorry to hear that you are upset with the estimated clearance times given however all payouts must go
through a regulated screening process as well as consider 3rd party processing times.

What is all this talk about screening processes? Never went through any of those before (and if so, it certainly didn't take this long). This is by far the longest I've ever waited for a payout! :mad: :mad:
What method did you use to deposit? If it was via a debit/credit card, the process does take longer. This would explain the "screening" process they're talking about.
I cashed out 2 days before you and just received the control # for WU payout yesterday. It took 6 days, and this is the longest I have ever had to wait for a payment from Bodog. They told me it was due to high volume of payouts because of March madness. Hopefully you will also get the information tomorrow which would be 6 days. Good luck.
Didn't you write a post last week how bad this casino was? And that they should be closed down? Forgive me if I'm mistaking you for somebody else, but if it was you then I can understand why you're getting a hard time with your cash-in. They read this board too.
I cashed out yesterday via courier check and after sending documents it was approved today.
I will let you know when I get it..
There poker is full of donks!
I mush have been playing against tennis_balls. :D
won 900.00 sunday, received check today!!! payments approved in less tha 24 hrs, I say that bodog has the fastest service aroung rifht now if your are an american, plus you dont have to worry about getting paid!!!!!
I also cashed out on Mar. 23rd, and recieved confirmation today that my WU payout is ready to be picked up. It should be a couple more days for you at most. I cashed out at WildJack on Feb. 26th and they are saying it could be April 10th before I get paid. (ACH transfer). I'm really steamed about that right now. This whole process is getting harder and harder for U.S. players.:eek2: Good luck with your withdrawal. At least Bodog is trying to pay in a somewhat reasonable timeframe, unlike some others.

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