Bodog poker Doesn't Feel Right


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Jul 23, 2004
Anyone able to get hand historys from this site?

I know they have a good reputation. Just does not feel right playing there.
Calvin Ayre's Bodog group has a pretty good reputation, and they have certainly been reaping numerous awards this year.

Pokeraddict can better comment on this, but I recall they did a deal with Micropower for their software rather than deploy the more usual LVFH that RTG casinos generally use. They then did their own improvements, so it is virtually a proprietary product now.

The Micropower network of poker rooms (branded Power Network) was about 15 strong last time I looked at PokerPulse.
I know very little about their poker, they are on a list of things to do (I hope you are reading Bryan :) ) My own website took much longer then I thought after beta time ended to pretty it up and market it. There were also a bunch of reload bonuses for the holidays. It is time to get on the ball and catch up on the things to do list, I will post back here and provide a review after I work my way around it.

FWIW Bodog receives very high marks in every category from my homework on them.
They're in there somewhere... I know you can get hand histories from Bodog.

That place has some seriously loose players... anything up to about $5/10 is free money.
There are hand historys available but I would like to save them so I can look over my play. Is difficult with the software they have. Would be even better if they would allow a system that could be used with Pockertracker.

The players are loose. I just had a bad experience I guess. I love playing on Pacific and the play is similer.

I had to cashout from Bodog becuase I couldn't handle the variance there.

Might try again someday but only if they offer a better reload bonus. Otherwise other sites are a lot better with table selection.

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