bingoonthebox Withdrawal


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Sep 19, 2012
Leicester, uk
Does anyone find there withdrawal terms a bit odd?

Can only make 1 withdrawal every 7 days and withdrawals over £500 may take longer?

It's actually longer than 7 days between withdrawal requests!

I joined there, deposit around £300, then made a withdrawal for £150 on the 31/4/2013
This ended up being processed on the 5/5/2013

I then won £200 and had to wait for 7 days (after the process date) before I could make another withdrawal request (so had to wait until 12/5/2013)

So it works out it's not once every 7 days, it's actually once ever 10+ days you can make a request!

Oh, and as there terms say withdrawing £500+ might take longer then it would be even longer than 10+ days!

Anyway, I have closed my account with them.

Is it me or do some casino's just make you feel on edge when you withdraw wondering if in fact you will get paid?

Tony :)


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Sep 19, 2012
Leicester, uk
I don't normlly now and I don't normally play at casino's where I can reverse withdrawals but fancied a change.

Learnt my lesson though and will stick to my usual ones now :thumbsup:


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Jul 25, 2014
United Kingdom

am aware this is an old thread but nothing has changed there
i have had so many arguments with bongonthebox its a joke
i sent a withdrawal last wednesday £600 its still in pending so now it;s sat there for 4 days so far

after a lengthy conversation with there chat staff i am no nearer
they say it takes 48 working days to process through then some admins have the validate it what the hell they havew to validate i do not know that could take another 48 hours ??? so i said well it;s went in wednesday so friday would have gone through surly
according them them friday is a non working day as they finish work at 6am on friday morning office staff go home so it;s not classed lol as a working day
what a total joke place then he went on about they are like a bank would i wait for my cash i said no idea what bank they are with but surly it;s not a real one as money can be transferred in seconds even with apps at home
i use many online casinos and money is in my account in 48 hours tops some
of then within 2 hours
so i wait and see how long it actually take to get my money back
obviously i shall close my account once it;s back in my paypal lol
they have no idea it seems on modern day casino operations and customers

so an update to come on my withdrawal any guesses on when i shall get it lol