Big thumbs up to Inetbet


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I have played a couple of times at Inetbet, twice depositing $250 busting out and later receiving a $50 bonus to come back each time. I liked the touch of the free cash after a bust. Late last night after a big hit at another casino that has given me a bit of hassle to get paid I deposited $500 at Inetbet. I hit some huge hands of blackjack and ran it to $3300 and stopped and cashed out. I then took their comp $$ of $125 and turned it into $800. This comp money does not appear to have a wagering requirement or if it does it is low. I emailed my ID to them and when I woke up this morning my $4100 win was in my prepaidatm account. No hassle of "your ID is blurry" Please send another ID to compare etc. Although I do object to the ID issue it has become the norm and at least they did not try stall tactics like I have run into so many times before.

As much as I have bitched about stall tactics or other sleazy practices on big wins at other casinos I must give credit where credit is due! They have won me as a customer forever.
iNetBet has been Accredited at Casinomeister for nearly 20 years.
The comp points are to be wagered 10X

iNetBet Casino comp program.

Comp points are allocated to players based on their wagers during regular game play. Due to the nature of certain games no comp points will be awarded for Baccarat, Roulette, Bingo, Multiplay Poker or Craps.
Comp points can only be redeemed after the receipt of the complete set of verification documents outlined in the banking section of the site. No redemption can be made without the proper documents.
Comp points are accumulated during real money wagering only.
Comp points must always be redeemed for the highest possible comp value.
Minimum number of comp points that can be redeemed is 50.
**Maximum number of comp points that can be redeemed at one time is 2000.
( implemented 01/29/04 09:30 EST )
Monies claimed must be turned over at least ten times before any withdrawal can be made.
Comp points accrued solely from non deposit offers will be non-redeemable.
Rules and regulations are subject to change.
Regular player here of InetBet. Customer service is excellent and payouts are always fast. :thumbsup:
I agree

About the best casino I've dealt with, plus I love the RTG vp. Once or twice a day NETeller withdrawal transfers. Answer their support email very quickly. I'm getting so I wonder "why bother" with so many new ones that come out, even with free n/d offers, because it's sometimes one hassle after another to get paid, send documents, or even get an answer from customer support.
iNetBet has been Accredited at Casinomeister for nearly 20 years.

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