BetVictor weird slot problems


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Jan 25, 2009
City of Judgement
I'm having weird issues finding slots there. Like I once played on mobile and found Cluedo to be super fun slot. But next day it was gone. Then some time ago I saw a bunch of new, but old slots being added, like Neon Staxx. Then next day they were all gone again. On valentine's day there was a "Valentine's day" slot category, which also had lots of new (Mainly older) slots, but they were gone too after a couple of days.

So currently newest slots are from the time I registered there, which is maybe a month ago? And there's no new slots to try atm.

Support was quite vague, saying only that they keep changing the slot selection or something, once enough testing has been done.

I'm fairly sure that's not intentional, as I didn't have enough time to play even half of them, and I play a lot of slots. I've seen a slot being removed only once and that was from all casinos, which was Aliens because Netent lost their right to it or something.

Anyone else play on BetVictor? :)

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