Dormant Account
Jun 19, 2008
What with the numerous complaints about this casino in the past, along with the current warning that has been issued, I had a scout of the site. Seeing a decent bonus that allowed blackjack had me interested, until I saw this:

The use of eBook gaming strategies with the sole purpose to abuse any bonus offered by the casino, is strictly prohibited. (Their bolding, not mine)

Ah, the bonus abuse saga once again. Only this time, they are explicitly stating eBook strategies. Quite frankly, I've never heard of these. Ok so there's the Martingale system. But I can't imagine casinos are going to object to someone who wants to try using that! There's surely no 'strategy' as such to slots, IF they are random, so all they can be talking about is VP, perhaps Texas/Casino Hold em and blackjack. Furthermore, strategy means playing perfect strategy. From this, I'm connotating that they mean 'if you play blackjack to have fun, but not to win, that's fine. But if you play to win using perfect strategy, that is not ok.'

Considering that quite a few casinos display strategy on their site - I've even had some post strategy cards to me - is BeTheDealer suggesting they don't allow this, or is there something other than perfect strategy out their in the internet realm?