bethedealer casino not paying me


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Jun 21, 2005
i deposited $1100 and get a bonus of $360 via there coupon.i have to wager around $32000. well i did and managed to bring my balance to $2700. i made a cashout, but after 5 days it was declined. cos i converted my dealer points into $40 cash. still need to wager 25times 40. i fullfilled this requirement as well and made a withdrawl of $2750 at 9th of june. my withdrawl should be processed in 5 days. but when i didnt got my winnings. i contacted them. and this they gave me a stupid reason, for larger withdrawls they look into gameplay. what the heck. are they looking my each and every hand. i might have wagered around $45000 and played more than 2000 hands. what a stupid casino practise. its around 2 weeks and whenever i contact them, they just give me this reason that they are looking into my game play.its making me frustrated, cos it took over a week to wager $45000 and now its over 3 weeks and they are giving stupid reasons to hold my winnings. CASINOMEISTER HELP ME!!!!!!!!

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