BETFRED payout time Update


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Team Leader, Emma: Withdrawals can take up to 48 hours to process.
darkmdc: how long will tghis take here ?#
Team Leader, Emma: Up to 48 hours
darkmdc: in casinomeister is written within 24hours?

Team Leader, Emma: up to 48 hours]
Team Leader, Emma: usually quicker
darkmdc: ok can isend this one the leader to update the payout times
darkmdc: it must be 24-48hours right
Team Leader, Emma: I do not understand?
darkmdc: and not within 24hours right?
darkmdc: sry for my bad english
darkmdc: :)
darkmdc: uhm
darkmdc: on is written you pay out within 24hours
darkmdc: but you told me 24-48hours
darkmdc: so they have to update it to 24-48hours
darkmdc: other casinos have 24-72hours
darkmdc: some within 24hours
Team Leader, Emma: Yes they need to change to up to 48 hours
darkmdc: and betfred is listed under within 24hours
Team Leader, Emma: Is there anything else I can assist you with?