Bet365 Roulette Instant Game



I recently created a bet365 account to do a bit of sports gambling. First let me say that the sport gambling component has been a good experience. Today, however, I decided to kill some time on the roulette instant game.

Everything started out as you would expect, a few up's and a few downs. After about 40 minutes of playing the outside, I found myself up a bit. Then all of a sudden the game completely changed. First off, a run of 10 straight spins of a single colour (0.07% chance), then a run of 8 straight (0.31% chance) then shortly after that another run of 10 straight. These runs all occurred within 10 minutes. The odds of 10 straight spins of red is low but I could accept the rare run happening once but to follow it up with similar runs in such a short time frame seems suspicious.

Anyway, I don't want to bitch too much, just give people a heads up on what they might encounter.