Best way to turn $50 into $1,000


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Hey, everyone. As a fairly new CM member and not that long into online gambling, I've had a fascination in reading of how many of you turn a small bankroll into a much larger one. I'd love to know your favorite, most effective technique for doing this! In the past month...on RTG casino sites, I've gotten fortunate enough to turn $25 into $1200 and 1778 on 2 occasions by sticking to $1 spins and playing games with bonuses that feature expandable reels, such as Realm of Riches, Triple Toucan, and Lucky Last.

what's your method? thanks everyone. this is a great resource!!



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Based on your post I would say you already have a pretty good system going for you, 78musicman! :thumbsup:

How did you do it? How long did you stay on any one slot game before moving on? What other denominations of cash did you use?


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you know, it seems, especially with RTG slots, that if I don't get to the bonus round within 100 spins, I move on. There is no fast and firm rules, of course, but if I hit a bonus round that actually PAYS me something substantial, it'll happen in the first hundred spins or so. More than I would think, I hit a nice win within the first 25 spins, in fact! I keep track of my play patterns, and I've won over 1,000 on a $1 spin 4 times since December...all within the first 50 spins of starting a new game....interesting.

Having said all that....I don't delude IS gambling after all! lol!!!

78musicman (it's the year and model of my bass guitar, by the way)

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