Best Texas Casino?


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Feb 3, 2004
North Carolina
Checking out your latest news update, Bryan, and I tried to go to one of the places listed in your "Cool Casinos" section ...

However, when I went to the website www dot besttexascasino dot com (I don't want the URL popping up), it's not a casino. It has some text about what their software offers (which you reported as being RTG), but no download links. In fact, most of the links are affiliate links to Casino Rewards, Casino Blasters and other casinos.

Maybe the casino you mentioned is under a different URL, but I thought I'd send a little heads-up ... :confused:

P.S. It's also not listed in the clients section of Real Time Gaming's site.
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This is odd - when we looked this rather mediocre online casino site over almost a month back it was markedly different to the present and a definite casino with facilities as described in the news report.

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