Best comps online


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Jan 18, 2007
I liked the little surprise from lucky nugget, not being used to comps online... don't even remember if it had playthrough, but being MG, it probably did.

I was almost insulted by the email notice and piddling pennies from EnglishHarbour, but it was a nice thought (don't think it had a playthrough, don't remember... didn't get that far :))

Rival comps are right in your face on the main page, easy to convert, vary by player. Nice.

3Dice. Simply the best in my opinion. For one thing it is straight up cash candy and doubled if you take it as a bonus (no WR) on a deposit. For another thing, it just sits there building up and when I feel like boosting my chances 20%, there it is.

With Rival, because it's in my face, I take it when it when I can. With 3Dice I ignore it knowing it will always be there.

Do any of the coveted euro casinos have no WR comps? Are there any reputable US access casinos with great comps I've been missing out on?

dunno why i left inet and clubworld out... I claim them rarely... manager;'s bonus is nice at inetbet, but seems sporadic
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