AVOID These Casinos!


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Mar 31, 2002
Stay away from these 6 crooked casinos by CasinoRewards:

Blackjck Ballroom
Golden Tiger
Zodiac Casino
Virtual Casino City
Lucky Imperior Casino
Strike it Lucky
I play at Blackjack and Golden Tiger a couple of times a month for over a year now. They have always paid back my FirePay account on time when winning and if they offered some sort of bonus it was there when they said it would be. Their customer service unit responds in a timely manner.

What causes you to call them crooked?
I concur, esolutions. You should know better than to make a post that merely alleges that any casino is "crooked". Spill the beans...tell us why you're making these statements; something that holds merit please.

If you don't want to be ripped off, stay away from these Virtual Casino's.
Just Win.
They offer a good free promo. One at Just win is $25, but in order to cash out anything over the free chip, you have to deposit at least $20. Then if you do win, you are taking a big cahance getting your winnings. I still have not received mine after many emails, calls, and having Bryan email them. I deposited 7/3, and cashed out around 7/24. All I have gotten are excuses. I didn't win that much, but they only paid me a fourth of what I won. I did wager what I was supposed to for the match play and emailed and then called to make sure I could cash out. They said I could, but still refuse to pay me the rest of my money.
They even told Bryan if I called, they would pay me. I have called twice, and they still haven't.
Virtual is another one. A friend of mine won $5,000, and had a hard fight to get just part of her money. I don't know how much they ripped her off for, but just know they use every excuse in the book to cheat you out of your money.
I read at another forum about U1. They are offering $45, which was supposed to be $50, and are doing the same thing to people.
This is my first time posting here, but I just want to try to save as many as I can from getting cheated by them too.
If anyone knows the email of the gaming commision, could you please post it.
I think all of them should be ruin off the web before they can rob anyone else.
There may have been some people who have been paid from this group of Casino's, but if so, I haven't heard of any. }}

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