Australian pokies online?


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Jun 5, 2006
i'm after any casino's whom offer australian type pokies online, in particular "red barron" and a few others - any idea's if these are available online?
No. But you can probably find some 'clones' with similar themes or features.

However some of the feature ideas I saw in Pokies several years ago has first recently been implemented in feature games for 5-reel slots.

Microgaming 5-reel slot are definately the closest you will come to finding Pookies onlines. The feel/full screen mode/smoothness/spinning/sounds is very close. RTG 5-reel slots have more different and fun features, but not the same Pookies feel over them.

I also grew in love with a few Pokies when I was in Australia. I remember two most, but can not remember their names:

1. Wild was a mammoth that also counted as scatter(only slot where I have seen this). Feature was normal freespin/multiplier. (cool sounds though)
2. Western themed where feature mode could be extended by scatters giving more free spins (like new RTG slots), but multiplier would increase/decrease during the spins. (If you got a scatter somewhere, multiplier would increase else it would decrease. Max multiplier was *7 or *9 I think)

Maybe you can explain the feature game i Red Barron I am an sure this community could direct you to the online slot with the best match of description.
But there are no online slots named 'Red Barron'.

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the red barron and similar pokies here are more involved and 'fun' to play as when you trigger the features you can choose from things such as how many free games you want (with less paying more such as 5X and 10X for scatters during play) and others such as the red barron you can do 'missions'

the red barron, feature is triggured with 3X targets - or 2X targets and 1X scatter - on reels 1,2,3 or 2,3,4

once the feature is triggered you are assigned a 'mission' - you can choose how many areoplanes you will collect in your 15 free games - from 5,10,15,20,25

if you select 10 planes, and if your free games you get 10 or more, .50 bet will win you 30 dollars (AU)

if you are lucky enough to trigger free games again during free games, you have a chance at getting 20,25 planes, which pays massive amounts (some times as much as 6 or 7 hundred dollars)

i'd like to find some machines like these, they seem to payout more than others - i'm playing currently at 49ercasino - the slots seem to not like me there :p
Hey Gatty! I love Red Baron, we have them in Atlantic City. Do you ever play Indian Princess? I wish I could tell you that they have them online but not that I've seen. Microgaming casinos have the closet themes to land based casinos IMHO.
You can try over at They have downloadable pokie type slot machines but you can't play for real money and you have to pay after a certain time. Save you money in the long run.

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