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Nov 26, 2004
the holy land
I entered thier web site.
they have an offer that sounds too good to be true
deposit 350, bonus 350 (420 if deposited by neteller), wagering 40 times if BJ is played.

the software is Proprietary and according to the web site the casino is owned and operated by Promohosin S.L. (Spain), al least not some remote island again.

some one knows them?
They say ''we send payments to neteller in 2 days'',but my cashouts received in at least 3 days,sometimes it takes 4 days.(after 2 days an enail come from them that say ''we processed your withdrawal'',but my neteller account shows it one or tow days later)

But their live chat is nice and helpfull.
They have fair games.
You might want to hold off on these guys. I made a deposit and did not receive the bonus. I have also sent numerous emails and inquiries and have not received a single reply.

They claim that they have live chat, but that never works. They also claim 24/7 support, but no one ever returns an email. This does not give me a good feeling.

I will post an update if/when things get resolved.
i am in exactly the same position as rmarrandino

i signed up got no bonus sent about 5 emails, and nothing! live chat is always dead

i hope they didnt do a run :( I will email the xavier guy, thanks for the suggestion
[QUOTEI will email the xavier guy, thanks for the suggestion][/QUOTE]

I hope it works, its been about 5 mths since I had last contact. Good luck.:thumbsup:
Still no response from these guys....I'm guessing that they are just taking money with no intention of ever paying out.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my deposit back?
nothing for me either :(

I guess i will try and withdraw my money and see what happens. i have a bad feeling tho :(
what an exciting thread!

After having read the first few posts i thought: lets try it- sounds absloutely reliable and a fatanstic bonus...
but within seconds the idea crushed into pieces - wow:D :D :D

I ll stay away-:eek:
keep us informed please!

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