anyone can help me with html for multitable ?


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Nov 11, 2019
I try to explain better, till 2 days ago for multitable this game i used to right click on the game, then 'inspection',
and here I found a link to be able to open the slot several times, that is the source. Now this link is no longer available (I don't know why)
Anyone know how to extract that link? Thanks in advance


as i told before that link is no more available, i paste here a link with a session expired example:

Immagine 8.jpg


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Ability to inspect the source code is built into Chrome browser. If the right click 'inspect' option isn't working, then press CTRL + SHIFT + I and select the 'elements' tab.
ok and till here no problem, i reach the elements page, but the link for open a''new'' slot is no more available and i do not know how to ''extract'' it, im pretty sure this can be done, but i do not know how. i paste what i see now:

Immagine 9.jpg
You need to use the little arrows on the left to expand the code and find the bit you want. 'Inspect' would take you right to it which is why you could see it straight away before.

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