Anybody heard of this company?


Dormant account
Dec 19, 2004

I was wondering if anybody has heard of this company. .. their website looks very professional. But I've never heard of them. No, I am not an insider promoting their site! I am planning to start my own online casino. Well poker site to start and I'm looking for a professional and trusted supplier of the software.

Or if anyone can offer me some other suggestions. I am looking for a poker software system. Hopefully not that expensive, and don't take that much royalties. I have a great marketing plan that I want to implement, but it will involve a little add on to the poker game. So if that compnay will do that also it'll be great. I was thinking of building the software myself, bu thte more i think about he architectual design, the harder it is ... =( ...

Anyway, some advice would be nice ...