Antigua to "save" Internet gambling?

Westland Bowl

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Nov 1, 2005
An interesting article on Slate at
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Here's an excerpt:

....Interestingly, the United States was able to establish that there was a defensible "moral" distinction between brick-and-mortar casinos in the United States and online casinos and that it could prohibit the latter while allowing the former. But to take advantage of this distinction, the United States had to show that it prohibits all forms of Internet gambling. And to do so, it could only turn to laws such as the Wire Act, which rather plainly do no such thing. As a result, the WTO upheld Antigua's complaint and essentially ruled that while a "morals" defense could theoretically be made, the United States was in no position to actually make it, since it doesn't completely prohibit Internet gambling....
I still don't see where the wire act comes into play....can't they tell the difference between Internet Protocols and copper wires/Fiber optics? LOL
We just need a few hundred thousand Antiguan marines to enforce the WTO ruling.
Actually, the reciprocity as outlined in the article, regarding intellectual property rights, could be a big enough stick for Antigua to bash the U.S. back into compliance. I'd really like to see that happen (or at least the threat of it be imminent).
All Antigua would have to do is open online software stores where you can buy copies of Microsoft and Oracle and IBM software for $10 each, and it would get peoples' attention.

Actually, I would like such a store. :)

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