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Another Migration cockup - Roxy Palace

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by brianmon, Sep 19, 2014.

    Sep 19, 2014
  1. brianmon

    brianmon Meister Member webby mm4

    yesterday I received an email from roxy palace, welcoming me as a member of their 'players club' with 2 deposit bonus offers, one for 100% and the second for 50%.
    So today i logged on to my account, made a deposit, and found only 25% had been added, so i went to live chat

    You are now chatting with Jessica

    Jessica: Hi, how can I help you today?

    Me: I received this email yesterday :-

    Hello Brian

    We would like to take time to welcome you as a Member of the Players Club at the UK's leading online casino, Roxy Palace. Just for joining the Players Club, you are entitled to special privileges including:

    · Up to €500 in monthly bonuses
    · Extra bonus points
    · Access to the latest games

    To get you off to a good start, we would like to offer you 2 enticing welcome deposit bonuses.

    For the next 7 days, you can unlock up to £300

    Offer 1: 100% Match Deposit Up to £150
    Offer 2: 50% Match Deposit Up to £150

    I couldn't find how to claim the bonuses listed so made a deposit, assuming that the bonus would be added automatically.
    A bonus was added but only 25%

    Jessica: Ok, please provide me with your contact number and date of birth.
    Jessica: Thanks for that info Brian, please give me a few minutes.
    Jessica: Brian you have some duplicate accounts and you can only have one account. hence why the confussion.
    Jessica: You will receive the bonus on your most active account and on your side, account: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is not the most active one and that's the casino you have used to log in at the moment.
    Jessica: The bonus you are talking about is for account: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Me: it never mentioned that in the email, and i wasn't aware i had more than one account
    Me: has one of the accounts been opened after a transfer from somewhere else, due to the new uk regulations?
    Jessica: The multiple accounts is not our error Brian, its due to the migration, so we will be dealing with that.
    Jessica: So you have nothing to worry about, we handling the problem.
    Me: my problem now is i've made a deposit expecting 100% bonus and only got 25%, and i don't really want to make another deposit to another account, i didn;t know i had
    Jessica: Please give me a few minutes.
    Jessica: Brian, we are sill in the process of adding all our players to the relevant groups due to the migration, so can you please give it a couple of hours, in order for us to determine what needs to be done.
    Jessica: I can however give you 10 free spins in the meantime.
    Me: sorry. but if i take 10 free spins, any winnings will just add to the wagering i may need to complete for the 25% bonus, if nothing can be done to sort it
    Jessica: Ok, you can take the 25% wagering requirements then Brian.
    Jessica: We do aplogise for the inconvenience.
    Jessica: Anything else I can assist you with?
    Me: but i don't want a 25% bonus or 10 free spins, I'd like the 100%, which was offered, or the bonus removed and the deposit returned to my neteller account
    Me: I can wait a couple of hours if necassary
    Jessica: Ok, thanks for your patience, please give it a couple of hours.

    Why can't they wait until everything's sorted out before emailing offers, and why can't they at least quote the account name in the email and mention that it's a new account, migrated from who knows where.
    I just assumed my account had been upgraded for some reason
  2. Sep 19, 2014
  3. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    That's not the only cock-up either.

    My "most active account" at Casino UK did NOT trigger the migration process, it just gave the error "invalid username/password". The migration was triggered instead by the original pre-migration Casino UK account. This then left me with a Roxy Palace casino installed, but it then rejected my login with the account used to trigger the migration. I then changed it for my "most active" account, and it worked.

    There was then the promised bonus, which I used to determine that the client worked and loaded a game.

    I then decided to check whether they had screwed up the MPV for a second time; of course they had:mad:

    I am now just waiting for the dust to settle so that I can check the status of MPV again.

    I haven't yet seen the email with any opening offers, but I will assume they are for the account they put the bonus in.

    CS need to be careful how they deal with players who have ended up with multiple accounts due to the migration. It's not the player's fault that they have ended up with multiple accounts from all this, and I bet many have ended up with more than they think too!

    When I was looking into the MPV problems at Casino UK, I noticed at least one other of my accounts from other skins also worked, the very dormant Arthurian casino!! I found that on this account, there was absolutely nothing wrong with MPV either. I didn't get to try the others, but some may have also been migrated, and then possibly migrated again to Roxy Palace, where in addition to all the Vegas Partner Lounge accounts, I have an original Roxy Palace account from years ago.

    The situation at Betway looks like being even worse, as the entire contents of the bloated Digimedia portfolio are about to get emptied into it. I could be looking at a dozen accounts or more:eek2:

    The only way I can be sure is to wait till things settle down, and then try logging in with all the account numbers that were in groups that pulled out of the UK and migrated players to other operators, and log each one that works. Then, it's a case of a big cull so that I don't end up having more accounts than I am allowed in any one skin.
  4. Sep 19, 2014
  5. brianmon

    brianmon Meister Member webby mm4

    The problem is, that there is no mention of which account the offer is attached to, or even that a new account has been created. It just reads like it's meant for an existing customer, with an existing account, who's been upgraded to their players club

    Another Migration cockup - Roxy Palace: ScreenHunter_84 Sep. 19 18.39.jpg,Sep 19, 2014
  6. Sep 19, 2014
  7. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    Having seen it, I now know what probably happened to mine - I'll check my spam folder:rolleyes:

    What were they thinking!!!!!

    This is EXACTLY the layout one would see from Roxy Palace spam. It ticks all the boxes, not addressing the player by name and not quoting an account number, yet claiming to offer a "personal invite" to take up some free money.
  8. Sep 19, 2014
  9. brianmon

    brianmon Meister Member webby mm4

    Now I've checked the duplicate account number she quoted me in chat. it appears to be my CasinoUK account number (which no longer works), which came originally from Cinema casino (I think), Because I'm quickly losing track of what accounts i have where, how many I've got at a particular casino, and where they've come from.

    I haven't even been told officially that my CasinoUK account has be transferred or closed. All I know about it is what I've read here in the forums

    Actually that account number doesn't work at either Roxy Palace OR CasinoUk now
  10. Sep 19, 2014
  11. maphesto

    maphesto Dormant account



    Get your act together!
  12. Sep 20, 2014
  13. 09237653

    09237653 Meister Member

    im in a similar situation, I now have 5 roxypalace accounts and an email promising bonuses with no mention of which accounts they are for, even a free (no deposit?) bonus is mentioned that hasnt been credited to any of my accounts.
  14. Sep 20, 2014
  15. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    Maybe you have more than 5:p

    It SHOULD be your most active account, and the bonus credits only when you log on, it's not already there.

    When Casino UK took in the migrations, it was several days before the dust settled and most players stopped having problems. The MPV issue was never fixed!

    It could be the same with Roxy Palace, as Vegas Partner Lounge have to dig out all the accounts and send the details to Roxy Palace. Only when this is done can they assess the multiple account issue properly.

    It's probably easier for players to self assess by trying to log in with every Vegas Partner Lounge account they ever had to see which have been migrated and made active. Consider this a practice run for Betway and the much larger Digimedia migration.

    Roxy Palace probably want to end up with one account per ex Vegas Partner Lounge player.

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