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Nov 14, 2005
Dear all

I was checking out casino and noticed their randomania promo (note spin palace run a similar $50 magic promo) which states:

"We're giving away random bonuses of $50!Instantly...Every hour... Every day!Just deposit and play at All Slots!"

sensibly, one of the conditions states
'To be eligible to win a player must be online, playing, and have made a deposit of $100 or more that day.'

all in all the promo sounds interesting, I have just one question, how random is randomania?

this is not a complaint or moan, i just wanted know, what software (if any) do (and spin palace, or any other casino for that matter) use to pick out their winners. Furthermore, if they do use a software, has this been independently assessed for fairness by external auditors.

I am aware that carry the ecogra seal of approval so i am not for one moment questioning their honesty- i was just intrigued by how the bonus works.

it would be great if we could get someone from allslots, or spin palace to comment on the workings behind the awarding of these bonuses.

many thanks

This is a very trustworthy group, so I believe that random is just that. But you never know.

One good note is that this promotion is across ALL Jackpot Factory casinos. This means that Wild Jack, FirstWeb, All Slots, and All Jackpots participate. To go a step furthur, this means that it is not always a player at All Slots casino that gets the hourly payout. It could be one of the other 3.

But in response to the random generator, I do not know if it is an audited program. In fact, I would go out on a limb to say that it is not. Mainly because promotions are not audited, just casino play.

Hope that helps.
Reply from All Slots Casino (Jackpot Factory)


David Brickman here, Jackpot Factory spokesperson. As far as the Randomania promotion (which is back by popular demand), our developers created an algorithm which chooses a random player based on the promotion criteria. Unlike the casino play, this promotion isn't independently audited but it is most definitely random. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask

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