All Jackpots $20000 Weekender - Connectivity Joke!


You type well loads
Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Today, this tournament is a complete joke.

I managed the grand sum of 98 spins, and guess how many of these were met with the reels just spinning and spinning because there was a huge delay with getting the results back?

ALL 98 - YES, every single goddamm spin, no let up, no "intermittent fault" - this was the whole 10 minutes from start to finish.
This would be a bad joke at the best of times, but the tournaments rarely offer enough time as it is, even for 101% connectivity perfection.

MG have been in denial about this problem for very many months, if not years. When I complain to CS, they don't really make much of an effort, they foward it to MG, who just say "all seems fine", and never conduct a proper investigation.

Now iNetBet has been under heavy critisism recently for just this problem, and guess what, THEY have identified a cause (rather than pretending it is the player's PC/ISP, whatever), an interim ISP in the USA causing a problem with connectivity. I'll bet this is what has been affecting MG all along, but they haven't bothered to take a proper look, unlike iNetBet.

Although there are still the 5 continues, how do I know I am going to get my money's worth? I wont know that connectivity is still screwed up till I pay $20 and see how the game plays.

I haven't bothered complaining to CS yet again, here is the reply I would have got:-

Everything is fine at our end, it is either your PC or your ISP. Also try switching off your Firewall and Antivirus software and trying again.

Well of course it's bloody fine at their end:mad:, they see stats at the server, not times taken for packet travel through the internet. If they checked the times taken for transmission between the server and the client Viper lobby, they would clearly see the lag compared to what MG should be capable of.

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