Alabama Bingo/Casinos Debate Rages


Ueber Meister Mouse
Sep 12, 2004
This entire bouhaha is so stupid... playing bingo for money and prizes is gambling (whether it's on a machine or on a card w/a dauber) ... if gambling illegal, then stop it all... go ahead and shut it all down... Then maybe it will piss off enough people and more moves will be made to bring in REAL gambling, with proper RNGs and regulation... Sheesh... And NO I didn't vote for our sanctimonious governor...

The news article is several pages ....
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Is That Better?
Mar 6, 2007
somewhere on the planet
What the Hell are these politians thinking? Talk about ruining lives. They are doing more harm to the people than gambling could ever do!

They babble about training and helping find new jobs. The truth is there are no new jobs available in most areas. And then the taxes rise, due to having to pay more medicaid, welfare, food stamp costs. And so starts the downward spiral for this region and all the people in it.

I am absolutely stunned by the stupidity of these politians, and wonder how they remain in office when they act like this. Sheer and total ignorance.


Nurses love to give shots
Dec 16, 2004
Don't Live In Alabama if you love bingo.

State Supreme Court rules against St. Clair bingo

ST. CLAIR COUNTY Last Friday the Alabama Supreme Court made a ruling that card bingo is the only form allowed in St. Clair County.
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By Michael Mee The Leeds News